Sooooo, the darned fools gave me a blog on the website! This is where I get to ruminate on the dumb stuff you might hear me do on the air, and an occasional rant or two that DOESN’T belong on the air but needs to be said. I did promise the boss I’d behave, but “being good” is a relative thing …

This afternoon, we’ll be done distributing all the barrels for our first Veterans Food Drive. Amazes me that with over 20,000 vets in this County, some still “fall through the cracks” in the safety net, and go without food each night. We’ve got over 30 great businesses around town sponsoring this thing, so you’ll see a barrel and a sign on just about every block. Drop a can, a box or bag in the barrel each time you see one; you’ll be feeding a person who said if needed, they’d give it all for you. The drive runs through the end of April.

This is a great day to begin this drive; it was March 26 of 1982 they FINALLY broke ground on the Viet Nam Veterans’ Memorial up in Washington. One of the proudest moments of my career in radio was when I worked up there and got to be a part of the telethon that raised enough money to build that wall, where a ton of people from my generation have their names. Been a lot of years, but I still get choked up thinking of some of the phone calls we got from guys grateful to finally be getting some recognition and respect for doing what they had to do in a crummy situation, at a crummy time in our history. Thanks – to ALL our Veterans!

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