Nice To Be Back

Well, after a day in the digital darkness, it looks like our website’s back online! Funny how fast we got "hooked" on internet connectivity. Like anywhere, we lose service for a few minutes every once in a while – even if I’m not online myself at the moment, I can tell because SOMEBODY comes staggering down the hallway looking like a character in a low-budget zombie movie, eyes rolled back into their heads and an utterly lost look on their face. Oh, my Gawd, the INTERNET’S DOWN … whatsoever will we do now????

Your grandma would tell you … go read a book! (Kids, "books" were things we used to use before Kindles.)

Seriously, we really got dependent on the web way faster than the web was ready for us to BE that dependent on it. The Government had that point made for it when parts of the IRS website crashed on Tax Day and we all got an extra 24 hours’ extension. We use these websites to keep in touch with you, and hopefully provide a service you’ll grow to depend on. I plan my morning radio schtick every day paging through probably twenty different news and entertainment sites looking for stuff that makes me – and hopefully, you – smile. It’s a big part of LOTS of our lives.

BUT, as the IRS learned, the web isn’t quite up to the same standard for reliability as running water, light switches or rain after your weekly car wash – yet. And if we’re going to depend heavily on something that DOES sometimes break, we’re going to have to be prepared to sometimes resort to a "Plan B." And be grateful that the geeks who try to keep us all online and connected ARE actually getting better at this stuff.

As an aside – I’ve been accused of wearing a tinfoil hat on this, but I really DO wonder. We know the government leases web services from outside companies – the Military let it out quite some time ago that some of THEIR stuff is on Amazon servers. There aren’t that many big, national web server companies, and that IRS glitch was the same kind that we had on our sites, on the same day. Is it POSSIBLE that we’re paying our taxes through Go Daddy instead of Uncle Sam? 🙂

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